What should my next project be?

So I am past the halfway mark of folding the Jedi Council, and I’m wondering what I should do next. There are some ideas I’ve been working on, but I wanna hear from my four followers, one of whom I know I real life.
Should I take on a new group of people, such as maybe the Sith Hall of Fame, or should I try something NOBODY HAS EVER DONE BEFORE…
…make an invasion force of Yuuzhan Vong?!?!?!?
(In case you don’t know, the Yuuzhan Vong are pretty tough. They killed Anakin Solo and turned Jacen Solo into a Sith. They pretty much killed all the Jedi Masters left and nearly destroyed civilization in one or two battles.)
Or maybe the best idea is from the minds of one of you, four followers.
So…drop me a comment. What should I do?

4 thoughts on “What should my next project be?

  1. Great idea! There’s instrux on the official origami Yoda site for a gunship. Maybe I could do speeders, a Star Destroyer…maybe even the Death Star!

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