Here’s a picture of two OriGandolfs! I will try to fold these and post them on here, but I am a little busy.
Enjoy looking!



Elvish speak!

If you have always wanted to learn Elvish (called Quenya) to confuse or impress your friends, you should try the app ElvenSpeak. It is awesome! Featuring a dictionary, calendar, and 20 lessons, it will take you a while to get through it all. It took me an hour to get through the introduction, and I read fast.
Anyway, it’s a great app. The guy who wrote it all kind of needs to get a life, ’cause that’s like years of work into lessons for a fake language for a country that doesn’t exist. But I think it would be cool to be a big buff for Quenya.
There’s grammar tips and other cool stuff (i.e. alphabets and the like).
This also has nothing to with origami, but I don’t really care. Just to make things fair, I’ll submit a picture of the LOTR Dwarven King fold I have been working on with this post. 🙂
Have fun trying to figure out how I folded it! I don’t even know!