Elvish speak!

If you have always wanted to learn Elvish (called Quenya) to confuse or impress your friends, you should try the app ElvenSpeak. It is awesome! Featuring a dictionary, calendar, and 20 lessons, it will take you a while to get through it all. It took me an hour to get through the introduction, and I read fast.
Anyway, it’s a great app. The guy who wrote it all kind of needs to get a life, ’cause that’s like years of work into lessons for a fake language for a country that doesn’t exist. But I think it would be cool to be a big buff for Quenya.
There’s grammar tips and other cool stuff (i.e. alphabets and the like).
This also has nothing to with origami, but I don’t really care. Just to make things fair, I’ll submit a picture of the LOTR Dwarven King fold I have been working on with this post. 🙂
Have fun trying to figure out how I folded it! I don’t even know!