Jedi Council #12: YODA!!!

When this awesome little green dude isn’t fooling Harveys into thinking that he’s fake, he is teaching the younglings and Jedi students how to use the force.
Wielding a short, green lightsaber, he is a force to be reckoned with, literally.
Always just in time to save the day, he sometimes makes trips to middle schools to help out younglings of different planets.
This fold is entirely original—all the others are, too, I guess. I considered using the cover Yoda or a different one already pre-made with instructions, but then I decided to just do it myself.


Origami Yoda site!

You guys should really check out the official Origami Yoda site. It has plenty of origami, plus some cool other stuff like custom paper you can print out, and instructions. If you want, you can even submit your own origami to be posted to the website!
Everyone who comments is also really nice and encouraging. The book series is quite good as well.
Have fun!